Chin Chin and Vacherin


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Serves: 2 Why not enjoy a nice bottle of Vino Verde and a ripe Vacherin. A sharp, apply, citric vino verde to contrast a smooth, creamy, and delicate Vacherin Mon’t D’or. A perfect evening for 2 – all you need is a crusty baguette from your local baker and a companion. Chin Chin – A Portuguese vino verde. Light, crispy and citric. It’s best served chilled with a nice creamy cheese. Light, dry and acidic. Citrus flavours and notes of tropical fruit. Vacherin – A washed rind cow’s milk cheese from the Jura region. This lactic cheese is made in the winter months when the cow’s milk tends to be slightly fattier. Bake it in the oven and serve it with a crust French Baguette


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