Irish Selection

4 beautiful Irish cheeses from Tipperary to Cork, goat to cow milk, strong to mild. These 4 Irish cheeses are something to be admired.


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Serves 4-6 people Leave the cheese to come to room temperature before serving

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Have a look at our latest months cheese selection below.
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St Tola Ash

A fresh and lemony raw goat milk log from Clare, Ireland. Fruity and fresh flavour with a smooth and velvety texture. Ash coated to give a more prominant flavour.

Smoked Gubbeen

A smoked washed rind cows milk cheese from West Cork, Ireland. Nutty and mushroomy flavour with a semi-soft creamy texture. Smoked over beach wood to develop mild layers of sweet smoke

Cashel Blue

Made in County Tipperary in Ireland, in Ireland. Cashel is best known for its creamy, buttery texture and subtle blue flavour.