Veggie Selection

We’ve put together a selection of vegetarian cheeses.


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Serves 3-4 people Leave the cheese to come to room temperature before serving Wine: Compliments well with Chinon An earthy and smoky. Medium bodied with nice depth.

What's In the Box

Have a look at our latest months cheese selection below.
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Loch Arthur Cheddar

This young, organic cheddar has a mild yet well developed, savoury and nutty flavour.

Clava Brie

An organic Brie style cheese from Inverness. This Brie-style cheese is mushroomy and nutty. Aged for 6-9 weeks and made by the Clarke Family

Blue Stilton – Colston Basset

This award winning Blue Stilton made by Colston Bassett Dairy is deliciously creamy in texture. The blue is strong and salty while the cheese has a mellow aromatic finish

Aged Connage Gouda

A 24 month aged Gouda made by Callum and Cameron in Inverness. Nutty and creamy with lovely salt crystallisation throughout