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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

We source our cheese directly from small family-run farms, where their products are hand-made within walking distance of the pastures on which the animals graze. This method ensures we retain a detailed knowledge of the chain of production, a vital factor which allows us to guarantee the finest quality products.

All of our cheeses are expertly matured by our trained affineurs in our Edinburgh Maturing Rooms, enabling us to supply our cheeses perfectly ripened and ready to eat.

We have a range of job opportunities within the company. From brushing, washing and turning cheeses behind-the-scenes in our maturing rooms, to selling cheese and cured meat in our retail stores.

Aside from cheese, our customers are the most important part of our business. Therefore, while retail experience is not essential, it is preferred. What is essential is that you share in our love of cheese. At Mellis we consider ourselves one big family, united in our shared passion for excellent cheese, working closely together to ensure each cheesemonger is as knowledgeable as the next.

Apply Now

If you are considering pursuing a career in cheese mongering, or even just wish to broaden your knowledge or local, artisan produce, email your CV and cover letter to the email address below. We look forward to hearing from you!