The Cheese Lounge

Our cheese lounge will be closed from December 1st to January 7th to help us manage the busy festive period for all you cheese lovers. You can purchase a ticket to our cheese and wine events through the Gift category of our website


About Us

Situated in the back of I.J. Mellis Cheesemonger’s Morningside store, The Cheese Lounge was established in 2018 serving as an extension of the quality provisions and produce the retail side of our business that has provided customers over the past 28 years. We aim to keep our food simple, exciting, and creative—at the heart of this is our signature cheeseboard, a classic Mellis staple. This philosophy extends to our range of carefully selected natural and organic wines, including rare old-world vintages that pair beautifully with our menu. Come and unwind in our cosy lounge with a glass or a bottle of your favourite wine served alongside a warm, comforting dish like our Welsh Rarebit and stay for a while.

Pay us a visit

You can find our Cheese Lounge located through the back of our Morningside store. It may be a bit tricky to locate at first, but once you discover where we are, you’ll never forget where to find this hidden gem.

Opening Hours

Monday – 9:30am – 5pm
Tuesday – 9:30am – 5pm
Wednesday – 9:30am – 5pm
Thursday – 9:30am – 4pm | 5pm – 10pm
Friday – 9:30am – 4pm | 5pm – 10pm
Saturday – 9:30am – 4pm | 5pm – 10pm
Sunday – 9:30am – 5pm