Halfway Kitchen Chilli Oil

Cameron and Lucy from Halfway Kitchen created this mild Sichuan inspired chilli oil to add a slight kick (more of a tingly feeling) in countless contexts. A chilli oil to enhance, this product adds a crunchy, salty, sweet and warmth to dishes. The flavour of chilli without the heat. CONTAINS SOY


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Product Description

About the producer: Made by Cameron and Lucy. We are a small Chinese condiment kitchen born from a frustration toward the flat, single use nature of the “world food” aisle. We make versatile condiments that complement each other and ingredients you already have in your pantry. We celebrate deviation from the rules of ‘authentic’ cuisine and welcome our customers to do the same either as a gateway to Chinese cuisine or a shortcut to a favourite dish. Every one of our jars is screen printed by hand with no obstructive paper labels so customers can effortlessly use them again. The design can also be removed easily with acetone (nail varnish remover) to fully reclaim the jar. Our sticky labels and the rest of our packaging is biodegradable and any boxes or packing we use is recycled from Chinese supermarkets.


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