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Some classics cheeses selected by Karen.


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Serves 3-4 people Leave the cheese to come to room temperature before serving Wine: Try this selection with a cold, crisp Divin White

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Selles Sur Cher

An exquisite goats cheese from the Loire Valley in France. This round, ash coated cheese is silky smooth with a lingering floral yet earthy taste. Pairs beautifully with Chenin Blanc from the same region.

Manchego Iniesta

A Spanish sharp ewes milk cheese from La Mancha. This is traditionally served with sweet quince paste


A washed rind cows milk cheese from West Cork, Ireland. Nutty and mushroomy flavour with a semi-soft creamy texture. Ingredients: Pasteurised cows milk, salt and traditional rennet

Blue Stilton – Colston Basset

This award winning Blue Stilton made by Colston Bassett Dairy is deliciously creamy in texture. The blue is strong and salty while the cheese has a mellow aromatic finish