Scottish Cheese Experience

Why no taste some of Scotland’s finest cheeses. From the Highlands of Inverness shire to the Lowlands of Lanarkshire. Leave the cheese to come to room temperature before serving

Serves 3-4 people


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Pairing: Try this selection with a natural Cider or Whisky. Cider – Made from a blend of apples grown in Somerset with their own locally grown varieties. Naturally sweet keeved cider and fully dry ciders blended together to create a medium dry full juice cider. Dry and drinkable. Bowmore 15 – A 15 year old whisky from the legendary Bowmore distillery in Islay, finished in Sherry casks, imparting a rich sweetness that blends well with the peaty elements. It has a nice spice, smoke and notes of raisins.

What's In the Box

Have a look at our latest months cheese selection below.
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St Andrews Farmhouse Cheddar

An aged farmhouse cheddar made by Jane in Anstruther. 12 months aged with a nutty and creamy flavour.

Hebridean Blue

A well balanced blue cheese made by the Ried family on the Isle of Mull. Creamy, subtle flavour with a crumbly texture.

Elrick Log

A mould ripend soft, lactic goats cheese made by Selina Cairns

Clava Brie

An organic Brie style cheese from Inverness. This Brie-style cheese is mushroomy and nutty. Aged for 6-9 weeks and made by the Clarke Family

Mellis Real Ale Chutney 320g


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